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    and she was a little piss-ant nasty bitch face when they were children stupid skank
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    But… Tifa ISN’T as strong as Loz. Loz is the very strength and agility of Sephiroth. Saying Tifa is as strong as Loz is...
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    Always preferred Aerith, hands down.
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    //aerithbunny.tumblr.com/post/27243349221/my-thoughts-on-tifa-and-why-i-hate-her-someone ^ warning this is my bashing on...
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    Uh, lol??? Tifa’s caring nature was present before Aerith ever came into the picture. The whole reason Cloud ended up in...
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    ^ Beautifully said.
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    People just can’t look past her boobs. It’s retarded. While playing the game people usually have no particular...
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    [… you just watched the movie, did you. Now, now, you can’t say TIFA has no character development, and she CAN’T...
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    The fact that this person states that she had no character development shows how they weren’t paying attention to the...
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    I love who ever submitted this…
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