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    I agree with the comment far more than with the confession. I see his character in the same way, and that’s why I like...
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    I think it’s a pretty well-done change. Of course everyone exaggerates, but I personally think his story is beautiful....
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    I personally loved both FFXIII and the sequel. Hated hope in both though. And I never saw any connection to him as a...
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    as much as i love hope i agree with this. there’s something that’s way off with the way he was portrayed in the sequel...
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    This one’s… true and not? He’s a lot less flawed in XIII-2, at least, in terms of direct visibility. He has gone and...
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    To be honest, OP’s comments sum up the entirety of what I’ve seen of Hope in XIII-2. Haven’t played the game yet, but...
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    [ To hell with that, they made Hope a badass and I’m happy about it. He’s a boss. Gets respect! ]
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    [[Sometimes I think this about Hope, too, but I do agree with Noel. So many people bitched about Hope, so SE took the...
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    [I think they did as people wanted in regards to his change in XIII-2, everyone complained so damn much about how...
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    Reblogging for awesome commentary
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