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    hence why it’s a spin-off, but just because it’s different, doesn’t mean that “it’s not a final fantasy”. Why isn’t it a...
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    Reblogged purely for this wonderfully written response. Honestly, I have not finished Tactics (stupid corrupted save...
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    *points up one comment*
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    If you think FFT doesnt belong then be prepared to face the true scorn of your own stupidity.
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    I decided to reblog this since I thought it’d be good to show the followers of my playthrough blog JUST how much I love...
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    That certainly explains a lot… They really need to do it again, it’s this difference they need to go back to.
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    I love FFT. It’s actually one of my favorites.
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    my childhood revived ;)
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    I just had to read a good half of that to know: I FUCKING AGREE WITH ASHY! I am playing Tactics WotL… And I can say it...
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    People who think this can SUCK IT! Tactics is one of the best Final Fantasy and also has one of if not the best...
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    Yeah, in that it’s better than the rest of them.
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    Lately I have been reading many comments about it. I don’t know if the one who wrote this was referring to FFT is better...
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    This rant is perfection - I could add to it, but it’d spoil the effect. arrubboth - you’re perfect.
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    Thank you. THANK YOU. I love Tactics, and you’ve summed up nearly all of my reasons why right there. (Though the Vagrant...